Phenomenological analysis of religiosity as a protective factor for preventing suicide

[Speaker] Mali Kovacic, Urska:1
1:University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology (Slovenia)

Religion represents an important preventive factor in suicide prevention. Previous studies found that more religious have less positive attitudes towards suicide, fewer suicide attempts and completed suicides.
The role of different elements of religion has been insufficiently studied. Studies do mostly focus on preventive role of different elements such as personal prayer, moral impediments toward suicide and consider them very parcially.
As none of the studies manage to capture a holistic understanding of the phenomenom, that is the aim of our study. Semi-structured interwies that were conducted a couple of days after a hospitalization of religious people were analised with qualitative research method called Phenomenological Interpretative Analysis.
Our study confirms that different elements of religion play different role in suicide prevention.
The major contribution of the research is the use of qualitative analysis, deep reseach of the meaning of religion and it's role as expressed and descibed by the patients.
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