Believe or not to Believe?: The Relationship Between Self-Disclosure and Self-Acceptance in Atheist and Agnostic Adolescent in Indonesia

[Speaker] Saragih, Debbi R:1
[Co-author] Kartika, Ayu:1, Muthi'ah, Nur I:1
1:University of Indonesia (Indonesia)

Indonesia as a country with moslem majority still assuming that agnosticism and atheism as something deviant. Although they are not well-accepted, researchers observe in social media, there is a phenomenon where many people identify themselves as agnostics and atheists. This research is aimed at finding a relation between self-acceptance and self-disclosure on agnosticism and atheism in Indonesia. Measurement used here is the Jourard Sixty items Self-disclosure Questionnaire exclusively on personality and attitude dimensions, and self-acceptance scale based on E. T. Sheerer. Agnostics and atheist between the age of 15-24 (n=181) participated in online survey. The result shows that there is a positive correlation between self-disclosure and self-acceptance, r(181)=0.210, p<.05. It can be inferred that someone can disclose themselves if they accept themselves first, or there is a probability that they can accept themselves when they disclose their view and being accepted by others.
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