The supervision of the psychological thoughts in Confucianism

[Speaker] Zhang, Jinhua:1
[Co-author] Fan, Feng:1, Guixia, Li:1, Lan, Hong:1, Weidong, Wang:1
1:Psychology department ,Guang'an men Hospital (China (People's Republic of China))

Objective: Confucianism contains rich psychological thoughts, especially psychological supervision thoughts. Here we use the psychological views to interpret Confucianism, clear the excellent psychological supervision concepts in the traditional culture.
Methods: Through the study of Confucian literature, looking for steering ideas of Confucianism, analyze its inspiration to the development of psychological thoughts.
Results: The "Kindheartedness", "Moderation" are the core of Confucianism. Confucian Analects have some quotes about supervision, such as "When we see men of worth, we should think of equaling them; when we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves." The philosopher Tsang said, "I daily examine myself on three points" and so on.
Conclusion: Confucianism pays more attention to self-supervision, and lays the ideological basis for Chinese indigenous psychological supervision. Some of the ideas should be kept as principle of psychological supervision.
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