Predicting Perceived job security and Organizational trust, through Ethical leadership and Adherence to psychological contract

[Speaker] Mehdad, Ali:1
[Co-author] Khalaveh, Elham:1
1:Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Isfahan-Iran (Iran)

The main purpose of this research was to predict percieved job security and organizational trust through ethical leadership and adherence to psychological contract. Research method was descriptive correlational and statistical population included all employees of a big manufactory, out of them, 210 persons were selected via covinience sampling. A set of questionnaires consisting of ethical leadership, psychological contracts, perceived job security and organizational trust were used in this study. Results showed that there are significant relationship between ethical leadership and perceived job security and adherence to psychological contract with organizational trust. In addition, the findings of the multipe regression analysis showed that ethical leadership could predict 24% of perceived job security's variances and adherence to psychological contract could predict 4/9% of organizational trust's variances. Based on current research's results, perceived job security could be increased by ethical leadership and organizational trust could be increased by adherence to psychological contract.
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