Correlates of depression in Macau (SAR), China: Results from the first epidemiological study of depression in Macau.

[Speaker] Hall, Brian J:1
[Co-author] Lam, Agnes, Iok Fong:2
1:University of Macau & Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Macao), 2:University of Macau (Macao)

Depression is the seventh leading cause of disability in China and eleventh in the world. The current study reports on the first epidemiological study of depression in Macau, China. Data was obtained in December 2014 using telephone survey methods to access a population representative sample of adults (1068 Chinese adults, 52.74% women). The sample was weighted based on the population census. The two-week point prevalence of depression was estimated using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (cut score 10). Results indicated the overall depression prevalence was 7.92% (95% CI 6.20,9.64), with an estimated 23,556-36,625 people suffering from the disorder. Logistic regression results indicated that unemployment (OR=5.0, 2.4-10.6), being a homemaker (OR=5.0, 2.4-10.6), being separated or widowed (OR=3.1, 1.10-8.8), lower economic status (OR=1.9, 1.2-3.1), low social status (OR=2.4, 1.4-4.0), low cognitive social capital (OR=1.9, 1.2-3.0), and poor physical health (OR=5.0, 2.8-8.9), were all significantly related to depression.
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