Exploring the relationship between psychological connectedness to nature and divergent-thinking creative performance

[Speaker] Leong, Lai Yin Carmen:1
[Co-author] Hill, Stephen:1, Spicer, John:1, Fischer, Ronald:2
1:Massey University (New Zealand), 2:Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Humans have contact with nature in different ways. People may physically immerse in the natural world or they may psychologically connect with nature. Previous research has reported that the natural world may facilitate our performance to generate creative ideas. If this is true, does a sense of nature connectedness influence such performance? Although research has investigated the link between nature connectedness and creativity, it has been limited to the study of creative personality. This presentation investigates the relationship between nature connectedness and divergent-thinking creative performance among Singaporean secondary school students (n3 = 141). It aimed to identify the distinct role of nature connectedness serves within the nature-creativity relationship. As expected, nature connectedness predicted originality scores even when, demographic, physical self-efficacy and other established creativity explanations are controlled. As this presentation provides only initial insights, future research needs to examine the mechanisms underlying the nature connectedness-creativity link.
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