The Lived Experience of Shame in the Context of Acquaintance Rape

[Speaker] Katsidzira, Audrey:1
1:Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

Shame is expressed differently among individuals despite similarities. The study explored the lived experience of shame in two women who encountered acquaintance rape. Making use of the tenets of Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis, a case study approach was adopted. Findings revealed how the female victims' relationship with the assailant Influenced how shame was experienced. For instance, intense self blame and feeling inherently flawed was evident. More importantly, anger was expressed as indignation. Experiencing acquaintance rape twice had implications such as shame manifesting as feeling dirty and having moral impurity. Conversely, shame did not necessarily affect the global self identity. Thus, the manifestation of shame differs across contexts. These finding have implications for future research and clinical practice. Conclusively, this study adds to the discourse of shame in women in South Africa and provides a theoretical framework that enables the healthcare worker to intervene appropriately.
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