Influences of Corporate Image Congruency and Consumer Personal Values on Consumer Responses towards CSR Initiatives

[Speaker] Huang, Wenyeh:1
1:Yuan Ze University (Taiwan)

Prior research suggests that consumers perceive a corporation more favorably when it involves in CSR activities corresponding to its image. However, limited research has addressed what might influence the relationship between image congruent CSR practices and consumer's responses. This study attempts to investigate whether consumers holding different personal values would show different degree of support towards different CSR initiatives. Such difference in support might further affect the level of positive responses a company generates when practicing image-congruent CSR. A survey research method was utilized to examine if consumers holding different personal values would show varying levels of support towards CSR initiatives, and moderate the relationship between the image congruent CSR and consumer responses. Results provide supportive evidence to proposed hypotheses. Knowledge gained from the study will facilitate the company to calibrate its CSR programs appropriately by best use of its resources and strategically targeting at the matched consumer value segments.
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