Integrity, moral disengagement and other relevant conctructs

[Speaker] Preiss, Marek:1,2
[Co-author] Mejzlikova, Tereza:1, Malinakova, Jana:1
1:National Institute of Mental Health (Czech Republic), 2:University of New York in Prague (Czech Republic)

The development and use of integrity testing has received growing attention in the recent years. The presentation focuses on (1) standardization study introducing an original measure of integrity, (2) moral disengagement practices and relationships between integrity and moral disengagement in different populations, (3) the relationship of integrity, moral disengagement and unethical behavior. Our integrity measure contributes to the growing body of research in personnel psychology focused on integrity, but can also be used in other fields, e.g. clinical psychology, psychiatry or assessment practices. Overall, we present several studies and samples and discuss the results and practical implications. Finally, we discuss the proposed model of integrity.
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