Young and Unemployed: Searching for Identity and Meaningfulness.

[Speaker] Ngaosuvan, Leonard S:1
1:Sigtuna Municipality (Sweden)

Youth Effort is a joint venture between Sigtuna municipality, The Swedish Unemployment Office and Sigtuna Social Service to help youths between 16 and 24 to find jobs or educations. To improve job coaching, motivation and meaningfulness was assessed. Situational Intrinsic Motivation Scale showed that participants had higher identified regulation compared to the other motivational types. Thus, these youths search and apply for jobs as a means to an end, not an intrinsic drive towards a concrete goal. Analysis of a modified Meaningfulness Activity Participation Assessment showed that concrete actions towards finding a job was rated highly, but also reflecting on one's own life goals. Also, being assisted by professionals was rated highly meaningful. Hence, the youths have spent too little time reflecting on who they are. The overall result shows that identity are central to their drives as they are still searching to find themselves and their place in society.
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