The central nucleus of social representation of organizational diversity

[Speaker] Rodrigues De Miranda, Onofre:1
[Co-author] Cavasin Zabotto Pulino, Lúcia Helena:2
1:University of Brasilia / Business School Projeção (Brazil), 2:University of Brasilia (Brazil)

Through the studied literature, there is no consensus about the conception of organizational diversity. Many studies addressed the conception to individual characteristics as gender, race and ethnics. This paper aimed to identify the central and peripheral elements in social representation, regarding the diversity from workers. It was used the software EVOC 2000 to analyze the collected data from one hundred and sixty nine Brazilian workers. The results indicate that the central elements of social representation are: culture, differences and respect. These reports created thematic categories, such as "ways of think, act and live" and "considering, understanding and respecting the other". For future studies, researchers could address to the differences between brazilian workers employed in public and private sectors in the organizational context and also from overseas companies.
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