What are the behavioural characteristics of heavy users of pedelecs? A longitudinal field study of the use of sustainable mobility concepts

[Speaker] Ebermann, Carolin:1
[Co-author] Piccinini, Everlin:1, Chatterjee, Sromona:1, Kolbe, Lutz:1
1:Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany)

While several studies have examined factors determining bicycle use, quantitative investigation of these factors concerning pedelec use is still lacking (e.g. Fishman & Cherry, 2015). Based on an extended model of the theory of planned behaviour, this study investigates behavioural determinants influencing the pedelec use of 89 heavy (>170 kilometres; n = 46) and marginal users at two adoption stages. Participants received pedelecs equipped with GPS trackers for two months and answered surveys before and after a month of use. Conducting a repeated measures ANOVA, it was found that while positive attitudes toward pedelecs and perceived behaviour control increase over time, subjective norm decreases. In addition, three interactions were observed. Compared to marginal users, heavy users planned their actions more intensely and had a greater intention to use the pedelec after four weeks. Furthermore, heavy users exhibited a greater increase in coping planning from the first to the second measurement.
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