The Emotions Experienced by Whistleblowers: The Effects of Time Elapsed and Drop in Income

[Speaker] Park, Heungsik:1
[Co-author] Jung, Taeyun:1
1:Chang-Ang University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

This study examined (1) the types and levels of emotions whistleblowers experience after exposing wrongdoing, (2) the differences between the emotions perceived by whistleblowers at the time they blew the whistle and at the time they were surveyed for this study, and (3) the effects of elapsed time and income reduction on the types and levels of emotions experienced. We conducted a survey of 108 Korean external whistleblowers who had exposed illegal organizational activities and who had made their identities public. The results indicated that reduction of income after blowing the whistle significantly increased levels of anxiety but not the other types of emotions. The elapse of time did not have a significant influence on any of the four types of emotions when income change was controlled in a regression analysis, indicating that a drop of income might take a lead in creating whistleblowers' negative emotions, especially anxiety.
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