Factors contributing to happiness and its relationship with NRM activities: Exploring new possibilities in environmental psychology.

[Speaker] Upadhyay, Bal Krishna:1
1:Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal (India)

Happiness has been a topic of interest for many centuries and is said to influence all human activities positively. However, the relationship of man's happiness and environmental management and conservation activities seems to be under-explored. In this regard, the present paper discusses factors that contribute to happiness amongst community members living in and around the forest areas and the forest protection staff in India. The paper also discusses the relationship between cooperation between community and forest staff in natural resource management initiative. The paper presents factors, both objective and subjective, that influences the involvement of forest communities in the state funded forest/natural resource management and conservation activities. The paper concludes with linkage between community happiness and environment management and conservation. The implication of the present discussion is widespread and will contribute towards better understanding of man- environment relationship. Further, the paper may also impact the policies directed towards environmental sustainability.
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