A Small Group Interaction in Isolated Environment: Combine Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

[Speaker] Wu, Ruilin:1
[Co-author] Ma, Qianying:1, Wang, Ya:1
1:Beihang University (China (People's Republic of China))

One isolated simulation was conducted in a space station analogue built in Beijing in 2014. During the experiment, the small group with 1 male and 2 females was confined for 80 days and conducted some biological experiments. They were asked to take psychological measurement including POMS, WES, GES scales. We also collected some qualitative data including interview record, video of mealtime, messages posted on social networking. Some results are found according to our analysis. The group presented high level of negative emotion at the beginning of the mission and the level obviously decreased later, which is indicated via both quantitative and qualitative data. Ethological analyses based on video shown the duration of lunch break increased significantly over time, and verbal interaction and non-verbal interaction decreased significantly in the third quarter. How crew structure, pre-mission team building, and leadership influents interaction, emotion status, and cognitive performance of the group are discussed.
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