Jealousy and Basic Need Satisfaction: A Diary Study

[Speaker] Aykutoglu, Bülent:1
[Co-author] Uysal, Ahmet:1
1:Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

The aim of the present study was to examine the relationship between jealousy and basic need satisfaction in romantic relationships. Couples (N=74) completed daily records for 14 consecutive days. Multilevel analyses indicated that after controlling baseline (person-level) need satisfaction, daily jealousy was positively associated with daily basic need satisfaction, but only for men. However, lagged analysis showed that jealousy predicted lower need satisfaction on the following day. None of the findings were significant for women. These results suggest that although jealousy and need satisfaction may have a positive daily association, jealousy might have negative consequences for need satisfaction when examined longitudinally.

Keywords: close relationships, jealousy, basic needs, diary study, well-being
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