The Volunteers Response to The Refugee Crisis - Identity Paths

[Speaker] Lazarova, Lyubka:1
1:Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (Australia)

The refugee crisis is a troubling continuous process and a multi-levelled challenge. The insufficiency of the State and its institutions to protect the civil order, to provide for basic needs and to pacify the inhabitant's anxieties evokes the self-organization of the civil body toward filling these gaps. The urgency to respond is creating a functional net of organically emerging public associations. based on the volunteer's commitment to alleviate the sufferings of their fellow human beings.

A qualitative research based on the interviews with volunteers engaged with the asylum seekers and the refugees shows the subtle ways in which they are responding to the human differences by developing patterns of relating across those differences. The pro-social action extends the volunteer's self-awareness and their capacities to reflect on what's happening, facilitating the accommodation of their living experiences into an ample coherent whole and bridging the larger community.
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