Spillover From Job Stress to Driving Anger: The Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustionand Work Engagement

[Speaker] Xu, Yaoshan:1
[Co-author] Wang, Guangxi:1, Li, Feng:1
1:Key Laboratory of Behavioral Science, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China (People's Republic of China))

The main purpose of the current study was to explore the possible spillover effects of challenge and hindrance stressors on driving anger on the basis of the job demand-resource (JDR) theory using the sample of 411 Chinesedrivers. The results showed that both challenge and hindrance demands had a positive indirect effect on drivinganger but with different mechanisms. Specifically, hindrance demands had a positive effect through emotionalexhaustion and a smaller negative effect through work engagement on driving anger; whereas challenge demandsonly had a positive effect through emotional exhaustion on driving anger. The current findings have theoreticalimplications for both the driving anger and JD-R model research, and practical impliations for driving angerintervention.
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