The children pedestrians' visual search A developmental perspective

[Speaker] Wang, Huarong:1
[Co-author] Dai, Jiajun:1, Tan, Dingliang:2
1:Nantong University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Nanjing Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Visual search is an important component of pedestrians' interaction with traffic situation. We aimed to explore the development of pupils' visual search as pedestrians. A sample of 160 Chinese pupils from urban school and 41adults completed two experiments: 'spot the difference' and decision-making to cross the road in simulated traffic situation. Eye Tracking System was used to record participants' eye-movements. We found that compared with adults, pupils decided to cross the road much longer, and behaved more risk-taking and missing. Boy's adventure crossing was more than girl. As pupils grow, their accuracy and efficiency in 'spot the difference' improved continually. The adults' fixation duration and count on important traffic factors was more than pupils. It's clear that pupils' traffic visual search ability goes up as they grow. However, they are still on a low level compared with adults. Visual search levels don't vary with gender while Visual search strategies do.
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