IAAP Invited Symposium

Peace building in Colombia: Democratic Security vs. Negotiation

[Speaker] Sabucedo, José Manuel:1
[Co-author] Alzate, Mónica:2
1:Universidad Santiago de Compostela (Spain), 2:Universidad Luis Amigó (Colombia)

The Colombian sociopolitical conflict has been deemed "intractable".In order to de-escalate such a conflict, profound transformations in the psychosocial and political structures on which it is based are required.One of the strategies with potential for de-escalation is the proposal by the United Nations for Building Cultures of Peace.This presentation will use those indicators to analyze two separate presidential terms distinguished by different peace policies.The first term, from 2002 to 2006, implemented the Democratic Security Policy,whereas the second term(2010-2014)saw the creation of the Victim and Land Restitution Law,together with the commencement of peace dialogues with the FARC guerrillas.These analyses are based on the statistical reports made by national and international entities.Results suggest the need for changes in public policy in order for those indicators to accompany the peace-building process currently underway.The comparison between the two terms highlights slight improvements in the2010-2014term,but a failure to meet the suggestions made by the UnitedNations.
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