IAAP Invited Symposium

A multi-dimensional model to approach peace

[Speaker] López-lópez, Wilson:1
1:Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)

This work presents a multidimensional model that intends to understand, explain and guide psychosocial intervention from an interdisciplinary perspective. Therefore, we will describe the socioeconomical, sociopolitical, sociolegal, socioenvironmental, sociocultural and psychosocial dimensions. This latter dimension will be examined through multi-level, intra- and inter-group, and individual sub-dimensions, that are crossed by relationships with the diverse actors, victims, perpetrators, social organisations, mass media and society at large. Each actor has a history in which the damage suffered or inflicted leads to diverse effects on individuals and groups. Each biography changes and these transformations are reflected on perspectives related to psychological and social processes such as truth, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, reparation and reconstruction of the social fabric. The model also includes a differential perspective in terms of ethnicity, age, gender and relational history. This multidimensional perspective of peace intends to place psychological work in the complex dynamics of societies that experience armed conflict.
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