The development of WEB teaching materials for information moral named "Joh-Torre".

[Speaker] Ishihara, Kazuhiko:1
1:Gifu-Shoutoku-Gakuen University (Japan)

The development of WEB teaching materials named "Joh-Torre" for the purpose of information moral training for the elementary and junior high school students will be introduced. There are three features in this teaching material. Firstly, information moral can be learned in a user friendly way by using animation and quizzes. Secondly, children can share their thoughts and opinions with their classmates by writing these down on the worksheet. Learning others' opinions makes them improve their own opinions. The third feature is that the children can experience a virtual world safely. For example, they can experience online chatting both in anonymously and with their real name opened. This can be switched on and off by teachers. This is for them to learn that there is no complete anonymity in the communication of internet. The state of the class using the "Joe Torre" will also be introduced.
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