A Case Study on Development of Serious Games for Cyber Bullying Prevention

[Speaker] Yoon, Hyung Sup S:1
1:Sangmyung University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Cyber bullying cases are increasing worldwide. But there are few effective methods. Serious games are useful for training the digital kids already been proven. So we have developed two serious games that could prevent cyber bullying. First is the game called "Angry Daddy" that could learn how to react effectively to cyber bullying. The second is the game called "Happy Tree" that could lead the bystanders into defenders by simulated role playing chatting program.
These two serious games are better than existing cyber bullying prevention program. Learning by gaming is more fun and interactive, so most of students born in digital are easily motivated and could learn how to react effectively. One of the reasons is that they are game generation.
Most of students preferred game play way and recognized as a better program in many playtests and surveys. In addition, various considerations in developing anti-bullying games will be discussed.
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