Developing content of PC games and apps to prevent traditional and cyberbullying: Focusing on effective coping strategies and intervention for bystander.

[Speaker] Oh, Insoo:1
1:Ewha Womans University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Compared to traditional approach based on verbal instruction, PC games have a variety of advantages such as more interactions, fun, and interests. 'Angry Daddy' is a PC game helping potential victims to enhance their coping strategies by practicing more effective verbal reactions. Students learn by games how to use more positive reactions(e.g., assertive, technical coping, and seeking support) than negative ones(aggressive, avoidance, and ignoring). Effective way of constructing game content in terms of seven coping strategies will be presented. 'Mask Chat' is an application helping potential bystanders to change their roles from outsiders to defenders. Students learn how their reactions play a critical role in changing bullying dynamics. Effectiveness of the Mask Chat app in terms of four bystander's roles will be introduced. In addition, various issues constructing content of anti-bullying games and apps will be discussed.
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