Social Marginalization and the Mental Health of Trans People

[Speaker] Bauer, Greta R:1,4
[Co-author] Hammond, Rebecca:4, Pyne, Jake:4,5, Redman, Nik:4, Travers, Anna:3,4, Travers, Robb:2,4
1:The University of Western Ontario (Canada), 2:Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada), 3:Rainbow Health Ontario (Canada), 4:Trans PULSE Project (Canada), 5:McMaster University (Canada)

Social marginalization includes exclusion from social and family acceptance, social participation, and civic/community engagement; interpersonal discrimination, violence, and stigma-impacted interactions; and structural discrimination and barriers to full participation in systems such as health care, services, employment and education. Within the Trans PULSE Project, a community-based study in Canada's most populous province, we used survey data (n=433 trans persons) to examine whether and how social marginalization may impact mental health of those who are trans (e.g. transgender, transsexual, transitioned). Our findings support sizeable effects for multiple domains of social marginalization on depression and suicidality.
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