The Psychology, Prediction, and Prevention of Violence

[Speaker] Montgomery, Bob:1
1:Australian Psychological Society (Australia)

There is general acceptance amongst psychologists that the most powerful understanding of psychological phenomena comes from application of the biopsychosocial model. What biological, psychological and social factors facilitate the expression of violence? The formulation of these factors can be done at an individual level, to guide individual interventions, as I do in my clinical practice, working with the survivors and perpetrators of violence, and in my forensic practice, working with alleged, confessed, or proven perpetrators. These formulations inevitably also have implications at wider levels. Effective prevention must include interventions at that level. It is painfully apparent that humans are intrinsically capable of violence. It is in our nature. It is less obvious and not always recognised that we are also capable of restraint. What do our knowledge and understanding of violence tell us we must address to reduce our risk of being violent and strengthen our ability to exercise restraint?
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