Beliefs about the Ajustment of Children in the Same Sex Families among Heterosexual University Students in Taiwan

[Speaker] Chang, Te-sheng:1
1:National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan)

To understand heterosexual adults' beliefs about children's adjustment on the same-sex family, a survey was distributed to 420 university students in Taiwan. Two issues were involved: individual opposition and normative opposition. Individual opposition: making about the adverse effects of the upbringing and education by same-sex parents on the psychological adjustment of their children. Normative opposition: using the heterosexist norm as the cause of the child's maladjustment. The results indicated that students reported more negative score for individual opposition than that for normative opposition. Males were more negative compared to females about individual opposition and normative opposition. There was no difference between participants' beliefs regarding gay and lesbian parents in individual opposition and normative opposition, respectively. Implications of these findings resonate with the themes of this conference. Future research and teaching programs, institutional support systems and policies as they affect gay and lesbian students should reflect and promote 'diversity in harmony'
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