State of Affairs for LGBT in Japan

[Speaker] Kasai, Makiko:1
1:Naruto University of Education (Japan)

In 2015, Dentsu Diversity conducted an internet survey to 70,000 Japanese people, asking their gender identity, sexual orientation, and their life styles. They found 7.6% of the participants were sexual minorities and most of them experienced difficulties of life in Japanese society. In 2004, "Law Concerning Special Rules regarding Sex Status of a person with Gender Identity Disorder" passed and by the end of 2012, 3,584 people have changed their sex status using this law. It seems that Japanese society gradually became affirmative for sexual minorities but from our studies, we found little knowledge and prejudicial attitude towards them persist. We developed "LGBT affirmative and sensitive training program" and have conducted these training to school teachers with positive effect. We faced the reality that there was a difficulty for participants to differentiate between gender identity and sexual orientation. I will discuss Japanese situations (strong belief for heterosexualism) and our program.
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