Motion illusions in stationary images

[Speaker] Kitaoka, Akiyoshi:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Motion illusions in stationary images are classified into three major categories depending on whether the illusory motion is rendered (1) by retinal motion of the image, (2) along particular repetitive patterns, or (3) by other factors. The first category consists of two subcategories, one showing illusory motion in the same direction as retinal motion (e.g., fluttering heart illusion) and the other displaying it in different directions (e.g., drifting spines illusion). The second category includes the extended family of the Fraser-Wilcox illusion that is characterized by strong illusion in the peripheral vision and no illusion in the central vision (e.g., Rotating snakes illusion). There are other types that show illusion in the central vision as well (e.g., drifting arrows illusion). The third category includes a variety of op effects (e.g., scintillating grid illusion). The roles of color, eye movements or adaptation levels in these illusions are discussed.
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