Basic elements of a media guideline

[Speaker] Dalen, Nina:1
1:The Norwegian Psychological Assosiation (Norway)

Psychologists have a responsibility to share their knowledge, insights and expertise with the public. Media (television, radio, internet, print-media) have become important sources of knowledge, opinions and power. By using the media, psychologists can disseminate their knowledge and aspire to contribute to the welfare of people. Psychologists may have many objectives when dealing with the media, e.g.: to play a part in the presentation of psychological challenges and problems by using media or to reduce uncertainty and stress in times of crisis in an informative way. EFPA, Board of Ethics have developed Guidelines for psychologists who contribute to the media. This paper will discuss the conflict between enlightening a case of great public interest in a professional way and not to indulge in speculations such as remote diagnostics.
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