Blessing or burden? The role of appraisal for the relationship between family rituals and flourishingamong LGBT adults in the Netherlands

[Speaker] Hanke, Katja:1
[Co-author] Van Egmond, Marieke C:2, Crespo, Carla:3, Boer, Diana:4
1:Jacobs University Bremen (Germany), 2:FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany), 3:University of Lisbon (Portugal), 4:University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany)

Even though acceptance of LGBT individuals has substantially grown, the likelihood of being confronted by rejection may still lead to detrimental psychological health outcomes. This study assessed how family can buffer negative psychological consequences. Based on self-determination theory and the family ritual literature, we hypothesized that family rituals increase the chances of fulfilling the human need for relatedness. This fulfillment positively contributed to a person's flourishing in life. We tested which factors mediate this pathway. A three-factorial scale assessing the appraisal of participation in family rituals was developed. In a multiple-mediation analysis, the three factors (inclusion of partner, the inclusion of self and the sense of obligation) mediated significantly the relationship between family ritual meaning and relatedness in the family and thereby to higher levels of flourishing. The assessment of individual experiences of family rituals and the effects of such on psychological well-being is meaningful in the LGBT context.
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