Mapping LGBTQI health studies in Korea: A Systematic Review of research until 2013

[Speaker] Lee, Hyemin:1
[Co-author] Kim, Seung-sup:1
1:Department of Public Health Sciences, Graduate School of Korea University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

This research aimed to conduct a systematic review of health studies on LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex) in Korea. Through systemic search using online databases in English and Korean, we found 2,131 articles and identified 128 articles about health of LGBTQI in Korea. Among 128 articles, there were 101 clinical studies and 27 social health studies (non-clinical). Most of clinical studies were case reports (N=58, 57.4%) or clinical test (N=22, 21.8%) about intersex and transgender. Mental health of gay and lesbian (N=13, 48.2%) was a primary focus of social health studies. Several critical knowledge gaps were emerged. First, no national-level survey on LGBTQI has been conducted, which makes it difficult to comprehend their population size and health status. Second, no previous research was done on healthcare accessibility of LGBTQI. Finally, few researches examined the health impact of negative social experiences (e.g. discrimination and stigma) among LGBTQI.
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