Prime and prejudice: The use of religious quotes to influence attitudes toward Filipino gays and lesbians

[Speaker] Rabino, Arian Anderson:1
[Co-author] Evangelista, Zyra:2
1:De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (Philippines), 2:De La Salle University (Philippines)

Priming is the activation of thoughts or behaviors because of exposure to stimuli. Recent researches suggest that priming could reduce stigma toward minority groups. This study examined whether priming quotes from Catholic pontiffs and the Bible would influence the attitudes of young adults, from a predominantly Catholic Philippines, toward gays and lesbians. The study employed a between-subjects factorial design. The factors are: (1) sex (male and female); and (2) priming conditions (anti, pro, and control); with attitudes toward gay men and lesbians as the dependent variables. Results showed that males expressed more negative attitudes toward gays, but both sexes did not differ significantly in their attitudes toward lesbians. However, males who had been presented with pro-LGBT quotes endorsed less negativity toward gays and lesbians compared to their peers in other conditions. Results display typical sex differences, but also suggest that stigma can be minimized with relevant social-cultural primes.
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