Experiences of Group Work Services for Gay Men in a Hospital in Taipei: A Retrospective Reflection

[Speaker] Huang, Ying-hao:1
1:Department of Indigenous Development and Social Work College of Indigenous Studies National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan)

The aim of this report is to reflect on the researcher's own experience during 1999-2000 as a hospital social worker working with gay people in Taipei. The researcher's main responsibility was leading 'sunflower group', one of the self-supported gay group pioneers in Taiwan. The services of the self-supported gay group included hotline, HIV test and counseling service.
Grounded in the radical perspective of LGBT and cross-cultural work, this report attempts to outline a model for gay men with depression syndrome in group work practice and transform into self-support practice. Group practices for mental health patients need to be an integral part of comprehensive service strategy and should combine elements from crisis intervention, psychosocial problem-solving, peer support, and existential group therapy. Although this was a very early LGBT service experience of Taiwan in the previous years, it is still advantageous to critically reflect to service and LGBT social conditions at present.
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