Gendered HIV Prevention Policies and Self-Diagnosis of Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Taiwan

[Speaker] Tseng, Po Ying:1
1:national sun yat-sen university,Taiwan (Taiwan)

Starting with Taiwan public health system for HIV prevention policy, the implementation of gender difference makes MSM population easier and more frequent accessible to the resources of HIV prevention and control, such as health education advocacy, anonymous screening, etc. However, excessive resource and social inappropriate projection, MSM became an important part of problematization in HIV prevention and control. The occurrence of self-diagnosis alongside with hysteria and self-diseased has put the labeled group in a predicament.

This study will be focused on 6 MSM about their self-diagnostic narrative. The interviewees also include their family members, first line healthcare workers and social workers to have a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis.

Keywords: HIV prevention,MSM,problematization,self-diagnostic
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