The Lacanian Framework of Gender in Taiwan: A Critical Overview

[Speaker] Lee, Shuo:1
1:Chaoyang University of Technology (Taiwan)

The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan remains a controversial figure in various disciplines. Specifically, Lacan's concept of the objet a, a critical idea which suggests that individual is constituted as subject of desire in his or her relation to the Other, has made himself a notorious theorist in the fields of cultural studies and gender studies. Many have argued that the idea of the objet a, along with the concept of the subject, negates individuals' subjectivity, let alone the heterosexual hegemonic presumptions embedded within these concepts. This paper aims to give a literary overview of Lacan's discourse of the objet a, the subject, and the Other in the Taiwanese context, examining how Lacan's theory is applied to gender studies in the Taiwanese academia. This paper concludes that the concept of the objet a remains misread in most cases, leading to a theoretical stagnation of Lacan in the critical field of Taiwan.
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