Language generates and reforms emotional experiences: The power of words

[Speaker] Yogo, Masao:1
1:Doshisha University (Japan)

We live to learn words and we learn words to live! Our recent study (Irie, Lee, Yogo, & Jim, 2015) showed that there are over 360 Japanese words describing emotion. Why do such various concepts exist? During last 30 years, psychological studies have found that people tend to talk their own emotional episodes with others (Rimé, 2009), and that expressive writing about traumatic experiences can improve psychological and/or physical functioning (Pennebaker, 1997). Psychological constructivist's view of emotion (Russell & Barrett, 2014) assumes that the brain produces simulation of one's actions, events, and world, and emotional perception generates and changes when a core affect is classified and transformed by the various situational concepts. Those lines of studies suggest that language operates cognition, feelings, actions, and physiologies. A series of findings about links between language and emotional experiences / perceptions among Japanese will be presented.
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