Training curriculum for early learning volunteer teacher in the community and the contribution to integrated mental health care for children in primary health care (PHC).

[Speaker] Mastuti, Endah:1
[Co-author] Nawangsari, Nurainy F:1
1:Universitas Airlangga (Indonesia)

The article reported a training curriculum for early learning volunteer teachers developed by the Faculty of Psychology at Airlangga University and the impact on their ability to identify developmental delay among children in the community. Groups of 40 volunteer-teachers, which mostly are community health workers (CHWs) have been trained for eight weeks followed by observations of the implementation in the early learning class in the community. Evaluation suggested that the volunteer teachers were able to identify children with developmental delay and design learning program for them after the training. They were also able to apply early stimulation method for those children. Specific subjects that contribute to the new skills were determined to improve the quality of the training program. It is expected that the program might be integrated into mental health care in primary health care (puskesmas) and the curriculum could be adopted widely.
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