the Preliminary Establishment of Chinese PM2.5 Health Risk Degree Assessment Scale

[Speaker] Feng, Jing:1
[Co-author] Song, Sutao:1, Chen, Gongxiang:1, Tong, Yuehua:1
1:University of Jinan,China (China (People's Republic of China))

Through a questionnaire survey of 500 college students We complied a PM2.5 health risk degree assessment scale.According to the exploratory factor analysis and the confirmatory factor analysis we extrhacted three subscale in 53 projects .The first subscale is a"hazard consciousness" subscale,which is composed of "the consciousness of environmental hazard "and "the consciousness of physical harm" the two factors.The second one is the "maladaptation ", which is composed of two factors, which are "physiological maladaptation " and "psychological maladaptation ". And the third one is the "coping style" that tests the "subjective response" and "objective coping style".The establishnment of the questionnaire provides people with a simple and quick measuring tool for the health risk prediction of Chinese PM2.5.
Keywords:PM2.5;Health risk degree;Body sensibility
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