The Uncertain Duty: The Effects of Priming Rights and Duties on Decision Making

[Speaker] Carriere, Kevin R:1
[Co-author] Moghaddam, Fathali M:1
1:Georgetown University (United States of America)

With the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights,the globalized world has turned towards an age of individual and collective rights, filled with protests, uprisings, and conflicts. Yet, little research has been done on human duties - those actions that are required to support and protect the human rights we all aspire to have. In a series of studies, we prime individuals to consider their every day rights or duties, and then test to see how this influences their judgement on a series of decision making tasks (moral, economic, and disaster-based decisions). Our results suggest that duties are best employed in arenas where uncertainty is high, while rights are best used in arenas where uncertainty is low. Areas for future research are considered and implications for government communication and organization of individuals in times of crisis is discussed.
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