The Influence of Different Socialization Agents on Hong Kong Youths' Civic Attitude and Engagement

[Speaker] Wei, Jun:1
[Co-author] Meng, Weikang:1, Lu, Danni:1
1:Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Individuals' civic attitude and engagement is subject to the influence of significant others in different social contexts (Schulz et al., 2009). Seizing the opportunity of 2014 Occupy Central movement in Hongkong, which is mainly participated by local youth to protest Mainland Chinese government's decision on Hongkong general selection, this study investigated the influence of parents, friends, and people on social networks (e.g., facebook) on the attitude and engagement in this movement of 126 undergraduates from three Hongkong universities. Correlational results showed that participants' supportive attitude toward this movement was highly related to their engagement with no gender difference. Multi-level regression results indicated, controlling for gender, age, year of study, and parents' educational level, Hongkong undergradates' civic attitude and engagement were both positively predicted by parents' civic attitude and friends' civic engagement, with civic attitude being more strongly predicted by parents' attitude and civic engagement more strongly predicted by friends' engagement.
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