An effect of reflective opportunities on the changes in protected value

[Speaker] Setiawan, Irwan:1,2
[Co-author] Aoyama, Tsuneyoshi:1, Hatori, Tsuyoshi:1
1:Ehime University (Japan), 2:Hasanuddin University (Indonesia)

People may refuse trade-offs between some things that they value and other things. However, the possibility that some values are protected against being trade-offs with other values can make an appropriate judgment regarding public works impossible. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of providing opportunities for reflection regarding protected values (PVs) on the changes of the PVs. We conducted an experiment targeting residents living near nuclear power plants (n = 600), where subjects were asked to think of counterexamples in which protected values (PVs) regarding conflict with other values. We investigated the effect of such an experimental manipulation upon respondents' expression of PVs. The results showed that reflective thinking on PVs can lead people to make a trade-off with other values and then PVs can be changed. This evidence suggests that PV holders tend to have an emphatic opinion without enough reflection about their own value.
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