Colombian People s Views Regarding Educational Ways about Drugs Consumption

[Speaker] Pineda-marín, Claudia:1
[Co-author] López-lópez, Wilson:2
1:Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz (Colombia), 2:Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)

For a long time Colombia has been affected for the chain of drugs production, market and consumption. Although the consumption is not worst problem, people thinks that if the State change the prohibicionist policy to a regularization policy,the consumption could be increase.The aim of this study was to know the cognitive schemes from the ordinary people has about the appropiate way to react toward the drugs consumption.The study was compose for a sample by 280 peolple who are living in Bogota.We used a factorial design, with 2 variables: Tipe of drug(tobacco,marihuana, alcohol and heroine),the second factor was way to react toward the consumption(be quiet, say that it's a sin, say that is illegal,say that is dangerous, and say that is illegal/dangerous).The main results of the study shown 2 views in contrast:one cluster who takes a conservative (like sin)(35% of thePARTICIPANTS)view,against to a health's point of view(52% of the participants).
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