Text-Mining Analysis of Opinions for Exploring Trust toward Infrastructure Investment and its Reasons in Japan

[Speaker] Numajiri, Ryoshun:1
[Co-author] Tanaka, Kosuke:1, Nakao, Satoshi:1, Hsieh, Hsu-sheng:1, Miyakawa, Ayu:1, Kanda, Yusuke:1, Fujii, Satoshi:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan)

The possibility of serious disasters, such as enormous earthquakes, has been increasing in Japan, and the Japanese macro-economic situation is in deflation. Consequently, the necessity of infrastructure investment has become higher.
Since the infrastructure investment is planned, financed and implemented by the government, it is strongly influenced by public opinion in democratic society. However, previous research has empirically indicated that Japanese people have recently negative attitudes towards public investment in general.
In order to investigate attitudes and trust towards public investment with less restriction, we asked respondents to report opinions towards public investment in sentences, and performed text-mining analysis.
The results indicated that many of them believed that the government, politicians and government officials were not trustworthy. It was also indicated that many respondents believed that politicians and government officials would engage in socially-undesirable collusion for their interests through spending public money on unnecessary infrastructures.
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