Validity and Reliability on the JSCTA-In-Basket Game

[Speaker] Kato, Shogo:1
[Co-author] Miyamoto, Koki:2, Ito, Hiromi:1, Ito, Ryuichi:1
1:HOSEI University Faculty of Science and Engineering (Japan), 2:HOSEI University graduate school of Science and Engineering (Japan)

Recently managers and directors in companies have played more important roles in their management such as smoothly carrying out daily operations and projects and properly coaching their colleagues. In order to assess their ability accurately, a proper assessment tool should be developed. This paper aims to examine the In-Basket Game developed by JSCTA (Japan SCT Association) and ascertain the validity and reliability of the Game. In the experiment 14 subjects; 4 experienced managers, 6 non-experienced managers, and 4 students were asked to answer the 18 prepared In-Basket Game questions. Their scores were calculated and analyzed. The results show that greater experience correlates with higher scores. In short, managers with experience have higher score than managers without experience, while students' had the lowest scores. These results confirm that the Game is valid and reliable.
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