The psychological process that leads to finding a new commitment

[Speaker] Kitani, Tomoko:1
[Co-author] Hongo, Hikari:1, Hihara, Shougo:1, Manabe, Issui:1, Okamoto, Yuko:1
1:Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University (Japan)

A loss of employment can lead to an identity crisis. In order to reconstruct the lost identity, it is necessary to find new commitments that replace employment in a retiree's life. Various examples of new commitments have been shown in previous studies. However, the psychological process that leads an adult to select specific new commitments has not been understood. This study aims to examine the processes involved in the retirement crisis and the subsequent selection of new commitments. The participants of the study are 20 retirees who have just retired and their interviews were analyzed using Trajectory Equifinality Model and Dynamic Systems Approach. In particular, the analysis focuses on the changes in the perception of employment and new commitments while they affect each other and the psychological process that leads to finding a new commitment in a retiree's life is discussed.
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