Self-Serving Attribution Bias and Emotion

[Speaker] Hyun Jung, Shin:1
[Co-author] Lee, Sunam:1, Lee, Goeun:1, Kim, Bia:1
1:PUSAN NATIONAL UNIV., Psychology (Korea(Republic of Korea))

The 'Self-Serving attribution bias' has been studied for a long time, from whether this bias really exist or not to research for explanation 'Self-justification theory', 'Self-enhancement bias' and so on. However, most of the studies were to cognitive aspects, and there is not so much research on the effect of emotions except in cases of depression.
The studies on the effect of emotions in this bias are based on the emotions experienced as a result of attributions. Unlike these, Coleman(2011) studies the effects of induced emotion to attribution bias, the feedback influenced attribution by emotions. But in this study, he didn't identify the effect induced emotion itself on the attribution.
For investigate the direct effect induced emotion on the attribution, this study used evaluated scenarios and compared the attribution score before and after. As a result, it could be confirmed directly affected the anger emotion to create a self-serving bias.
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