Social determinants of poor physical and mental health among Filipina domestic helpers in Macau, China: Results from a multiple stakeholder community health needs assessment.

[Speaker] Hall, Brian J:1
[Co-author] Garabiles, Melissa R:2
1:University of Macau & Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Macao), 2:Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines)

Filipina domestic helpers (DH) may be vulnerable to an increased burden of health problems. The aims of this study were to characterize the social determinants of health and key health intervention priorities among DH living in Macau, China. Five focus group discussions with 22 female DH and seven in-depth interviews with consulate staff (n=2), church leaders (n=3) and NGO field staff (n=2) were conducted. Inductive qualitative thematic analysis was utilized to identify main themes. Results indicated Filipina DH experience problems within their community (e.g., lack of cohesion and trust), barriers to healthcare access (e.g., lack of trust in doctors, cost, language issues), poor relationships (e.g., with employers, families they left behind), and employment difficulties (e.g., long working hours, few days off, lack of standard contract), that interact to produce poor physical and mental health (e.g., depression, sleep problems, stress, burnout, substance abuse). Strategies for addressing these challenges will be discussed.
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