The re-examination of its reliability and validity of the Video Interpretation Questionnaire.

[Speaker] Watanabe, Mikiko:1
[Co-author] Shirotsuki, Kentaro:1

Video feedback is the technique of the improvement of the negative self-perception in social anxiety. In video feedback session, socially anxious individuals may overestimate the extent to which their appearance shown on video is more negative or less positive. The purpose of presence study was to re-examine the validity and reliability of the Video Interpretation Questionnaire, which assesses the negative and positive interpretation of the appearance on video. Participants were 380 Japanese undergraduate students. The result of exploratory factor analysis performed using a promax rotation in Maximum Likelihood Estimation indicated that the VIQ consists of two factors, negative interpretation in video images (VIQ-N) and positive interpretation in video images (VIQ-P). Additionally, it was suggested that VIQ-N and VIQ-P had high internal consistencies. The result of the correlation analysis showed that these interpretations were related to social anxiety symptoms. These results suggest that the VIQ may be reliable and valid.
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