Building schoolchildren interethnic interaction culture: a view from Kazakhstan

[Speaker] Yesseyeva, Mensulu T:1
[Co-author] Anarbek, Nazgul:2, Li, Anasstasiya:2
1:Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training University (Kazakhstan), 2:Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

The Kazakhstani government aims for harmony in interethnic and interfaith relations. Therefore, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan operates, the "Cultural Heritage" Program is currently implemented. To determine the level of schoolchildren's interethnic culture we conducted a survey among 78 eighth-graders of an Almaty secondary school. We designed a questionnaire regarding three areas: 1. knowledge about their ethnic group, culture, language - 55%-64%. 2. knowledge about ethnic groups of Kazakhstan range between 43%- 45%. 3. interethnic culture for peaceful coexistence of various ethnic groups range from 58 % to 62%. We used "Tolerance Index" questionnaire on ethnic tolerance, average index value is 45% - 65 %. The social distance scale was used to measure distance between different ethnic groups' representatives. Results: 75%-98% are willing to accept them as relatives and neighbors; 50%-95% do not mind seeing them as friends, colleagues, 37%-78% are ready to accept them as the country's nationals.
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